Monday, May 14, 2012

Paducah Quilts

One of our favorite quilts was the EIEIO Quilt.  This original design was made by a group (a bee).  Each member made an animal.  And if you look carefully at the setting, the blocks were made and sewn together first, then the animals were placed on top of each block and stitched down.  They must all be artists!    


The miniatures were amazing.  I have a few hexes...hmmmm.  I think it's another idea that will never get executed.   

 Check out the tiny applique and the hand embroidery and hand quilting.    It was very crowded around this display, which was under glass.  I didn't get a picture of the whole quilt.  How did she do that?!  The National Quilt Museum also had miniatures on exhibit and they were supurb - worth the entrance fee alone! 
This one had the cutest border.
 Amazing quilting.  Black thread on a white background.  You have to be a confident quilter to do that!  I wish I could have put a dime up there to compare the size, but it would have slid off the titled glass! 
 This kind of mico-stippling could have only been done with a magnifying glass. 
 Pineapple Quilt made by George Siciliano.
 The block is made with a foundation.  He was at the NQM demonstrating his technique. 
 Take a look at the detailed quilting.
 This one was so tiny, the ribbon was larger than the quilt.
 all the leaves are button-hole stitched. 



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Julie said...

i am adding the name/maker of each quilt when I get my AQS book. In the meantime, please tell me which one is your quilt and I will be happy to take it off the site. So sorry this upset you.