Friday, December 30, 2011


A few more quilt pictures from 2011. 
The next two quilt were pieced by Dale Fisher.  She likes to see the quilting, so she chooses a solid backing fabric.  The thread really shows off the quilting pattern.
The quilting pattern is Briar Rose.
The quilting pattern is Rosie.
This quilt was pieced by Julie Guise.  She loves Halloween!  The black embroidery makes this quilt sing!
 I quilted spider webs in the outer border,  X's in the orange and black areas. 
 I stitched around the figures, outlining around the embroidery, otherwise it will puff out.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Some of the last quilts for 2011.  I try to schedule edge-to-edge quilts in December.  I usually don't have time for intricate custom quilting in the XMas rush.  I had to take pictures in my quilt studio because the Christmas tree was taking up all the room upstairs.  The ceiling is lower, so pictures look a little different. 

This first quilt was pieced by Pat Cobb.  So bright and cheerful - made for a wedding present.

The quilting pattern is Flower Twirl. 
This two-color quilt was pieced by Marcia Obman-Gray.  A big bed-szie quilt - 105x x 105.  The pattern is Rapid Hunter Star.
The quilting pattern is Fiddlehead.  
A view from the back.
This next quilt was pieced by Joan Dolinar.  She made a sampler in autumn colors and added appliqued leaves. 
The quilting pattern is Woodlands.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

XMas Gift Exchange

We had a lovely evening last night as our bee gathered for our annual Christmas party.  We each made a table runner or table mat for a gift exchange.  The rule was you bring one, you get one.  Unless it get's stolen.  Then you can choose another unopened gift or steal someone else's.

Ute went first and hers was stolen right away.
A pretty wool table runner.
 Don't get too attached to that pretty blue table runner with all the hand beading.... it'll get stolen!
Julie Blazek make this table runner with all the hand beading.

Here's one of the stealers! 

Barb Bee made this pretty traditional table runner.
 Oh yes, it will get stolen!
Enjoy it cause you won't have it long Leesa!

I made this twister table mat in Spring colors.

Pat Wright made this pretty floral skinny table runner.

Hold on to that one Barb!
 Mary Ann made the cute table mat - beaded sugar cookies and gingerbread men.  So cute!  
Beautiful wool mats and hand made XMas cards!  Oh I know these are going to be stolen...Drat!

A cute embroidery made by Sharon R.  -- it was stolen!
 Here are some completed projects from last year's signature block exchange.  I forgot these were "due".  I'll work on mine after the Christmas rush.
Yvette's quilt.

Dorothy M. made hers into 2 sets of curtains for her sewing room.

Pat Wright made her's into this sunny quilt.  So cheerful.

Thank you Mary Ann.  I ended up stealing it from Barb -  I love it!