Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Quilt

I love this circus themed baby quilt.  The red work makes it sing.  It was quilted with a pantograph called Double Bubble.  Thread color matches background.  Pieced by Becky W.

 Double Bubble. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Modern Quilts

This month, the guild I belong to had Weeks Ringle, from Fun Quilts.  She gave a lecture on Quilts Made Modern, their newest book.  Their quilts have been published in American Patchwork & Quilting as well as many home design magazines. 

All the quilts are densely quilted, most with a meander or simple background design.   It was interesting to hear how the quilts are stylized and photographed.  She brought the quilts with her and I tried to take some quick snap shots.  It was very interesting!

 This is Weeks.  She has a background in art, design

This quilt looks like it's made of all solid colored fabrics.  But it's not.  Here's a closer look.  It's prints and a plaid.  It's all about the color, value placement. 

They have a new book coming out January 2012 on transparency quilts. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best In Show

Congratulations to Lynn Nowak who took Best In Show at our local quilt show, Faithful Circle Quilters of Downers Grove, IL.  To see detailed quilting, in an older post - click on the title above and it will take you there.

WOW - what a thrill.  She was walking on cloud 9 for a couple days!  While I was at the show, they took our picture and we felt like celebrities.  Congratulations Lynn!  Her husband told her it's like getting a hole in one - some people never experience it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bed Spread - Comforter

Here is a bed spread I made for a client.  The fabric was a poly blend, felt like microfiber, and was slippery to work with.  She wanted the spread to reach the floor - so it is very LARGE 125 x 110. 

Since she came to a quilter, I assumed we would use the regular batting common to quilters.  I normally use a 70/30 cotton-poly blend from Quilters Dream, select loft - not the thinnest.  She had a big puffy comforter look in mind.  Not going to happen with the my regular batting.  With that in mind, I used an extra high loft batt - typically used for trapunto, which was even more difficult to work with.  Quilted with a large, open design...it didn't shrink as much during the quilting process.  Tight, small quilting would have created little pleats on the front and possibly on the back. 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Storm At Sea

I've been crazy busy and the result is lots of photos to post!  So watch for new quilts next few days.

This Storm At Sea was pieced by Becky W.  She made two and this is the first one I've quilted.
Once it was finished, I laid the quilt on the floor and took the pictures - not a good idea.  That's why it's a little crooked.
I quilted a little wave in the red border.
 Lines Lines Lines.  This required lots of marking and was time consuming.
Lines create movement.  Perfect for Storm At Sea blocks.
I wish I would have noticed that the next picture was a bit fuzzy.  I would have taken more photos before it left my house!  The triple cable in the border and corner turned out great. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lecture Workshop

Thank you to Pride of the Prairie Quilters (IL) for listening to my "Quilt As Desired" presentation last night.  It was fun!
Workshop Saturday on Choosing and Creating Quilting Designs plus Marking your Quilt Top!  We will be busy bees!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stars Crossing

This lovely quilt was pieced by Sue H.  I don't know the official name, I'm just calling it Stars Crossing.  I quilted beyond the seam lines of the snowball block, into the star block.

 These flowers looked similar to ones in the fabric.  They are repeated in solid blocks and in the outer border.  Wool batting gives this quilt some puff - and emphasizes the quilting.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


My heart goes out to all those who lost their lives and sacrificed their lives to save others on this day, 9/11, ten years ago.  I still have a hard time looking at the photos. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kicking Up A Storm

Sue P. made this quilt top.  I believe it was her first quilt top and she is giving it to a friend.    We chose an edge-to-edge pattern for quilting called Kicking Up A Storm.

She used a black fabric and a print on the back.  You can really see the horses running on that black fabric!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Double Dutch

Here is a cute quilt for summer.  Called Double Dutch, Pattern by American Jane.  Made by Marianne M.

It was quilted with an all-over meander in the body of the quilt.  SID around the polka-dot border and straight lines in the small outer border.
 The fabric is so darn cute.  I wonder if it was a kit?