Friday, September 23, 2011

Bed Spread - Comforter

Here is a bed spread I made for a client.  The fabric was a poly blend, felt like microfiber, and was slippery to work with.  She wanted the spread to reach the floor - so it is very LARGE 125 x 110. 

Since she came to a quilter, I assumed we would use the regular batting common to quilters.  I normally use a 70/30 cotton-poly blend from Quilters Dream, select loft - not the thinnest.  She had a big puffy comforter look in mind.  Not going to happen with the my regular batting.  With that in mind, I used an extra high loft batt - typically used for trapunto, which was even more difficult to work with.  Quilted with a large, open didn't shrink as much during the quilting process.  Tight, small quilting would have created little pleats on the front and possibly on the back. 


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