Friday, July 24, 2009

Bee night

We met for Bee night last night. Everybody was working on something different. Here are a couple pictures. Two hand embroidery projects, one was halloween and the other Christmas (CrabApple Tree). Some knitting - a beautiful shawl, sewing a piano key border, hemming a beautiful gown that will be worn at the Military Ball in Georgia. She is doing a button-hole stitch. And our youngest member was working on a yarn and felt project, which will be turned into a mobile. So cute! I did some cutting, - I had pieced strips for a seminole border.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carpet Inpirations

These are hotel carpets. Such vibrant colors. I like to deconstruct these carpets into quilt patterns and designs.

The blue one is easy to break down into a quilt. Mariners compass and snails-tails make the blocks, set on point with gold sashing and corner stones, four-patch sets make the border to create a checker design. Cute wave pattern in border makes it! Could easily substitute the compass block for a friendship star.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spend some time in Paradise

Sit back, relax, slow down. The powder white sand feels cool against your toes in the shade... ahhhhhh.
Do absolutely nothing except take in the colors and beauty of your surroundings. aqua, turquoise, clear blue, light green. Aruba.
The palapa is just a couple steps from the warm and salty Caribbean sea... float awhile.
Can you feel the refreshing tropical breeze?
Such a peaceful, rejuvenating time.
I did some hand basting on my Grandmother's Flower Garden 1/2 inch pieces. I'll think of my time on the beach whenever I look at those.
Now it's back to quilting! Maybe I can put in a couple palm trees or some turtles on my next design.