Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spend some time in Paradise

Sit back, relax, slow down. The powder white sand feels cool against your toes in the shade... ahhhhhh.
Do absolutely nothing except take in the colors and beauty of your surroundings. aqua, turquoise, clear blue, light green. Aruba.
The palapa is just a couple steps from the warm and salty Caribbean sea... float awhile.
Can you feel the refreshing tropical breeze?
Such a peaceful, rejuvenating time.
I did some hand basting on my Grandmother's Flower Garden 1/2 inch pieces. I'll think of my time on the beach whenever I look at those.
Now it's back to quilting! Maybe I can put in a couple palm trees or some turtles on my next design.

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quiltlover said...

Hi Julie, so you are in vacation? What a wonderful place! I would love to feel the breeze! Here it is cold and windy for now... I will have to look for my Grandmother's flower garden paper pieces!
Miss you, Val