Monday, September 26, 2011

Modern Quilts

This month, the guild I belong to had Weeks Ringle, from Fun Quilts.  She gave a lecture on Quilts Made Modern, their newest book.  Their quilts have been published in American Patchwork & Quilting as well as many home design magazines. 

All the quilts are densely quilted, most with a meander or simple background design.   It was interesting to hear how the quilts are stylized and photographed.  She brought the quilts with her and I tried to take some quick snap shots.  It was very interesting!

 This is Weeks.  She has a background in art, design

This quilt looks like it's made of all solid colored fabrics.  But it's not.  Here's a closer look.  It's prints and a plaid.  It's all about the color, value placement. 

They have a new book coming out January 2012 on transparency quilts. 

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