Friday, May 18, 2012

Bonnie Hunter

We had a great lecture last night from Bonnie Hunter.  She told us how she manages her fabric and her method of organizing USABLE scraps.  We all have those bins of scraps - now I know what to do with them to turn them into something beautiful.  Here is the link to all the information she gave us.  It will take you to her website.

She is an energizer bunny.  She said she got in 5 hours of piecing in the last 24 hours.  She does a lot of things in 15-minute increments.  Photos from last night.  As you can see, we had a full house and I was in one of the last rows. 
 This one is called Midnight Flight and is one of the workshops this weekend.

 All these were made from her stash of organized scraps.

 I think the one below includes material she cut from men's shirts.  She uses any 100% cotton, cotton-linen shirt.  A 4X men's shirt is almost 2 yards of material. 
 If you don't like real scrappy, choose two colors plus a neutral.  I like how this turned out.
 She often uses one solid color, red, to emphasize a design.
 She started this because she had a lot of left over 3" nine-patches.

 Her hexagon project.  Yes, she pieced 5 hexagons while she was waiting to speak.  Darn her!
  Her website has over 45 free pattern on it and mounds of useful information.  Check it out:


Nann said...

Nice to meet another Chicago-area Bonnie fan. Are you on the QuiltvilleChat Yahoo group?

Julie said...

No, I didn't even know there was one! I admire how she uses everything up. And, her scrappy quilts are pretty. I've seen some that are not as nice.