Tuesday, March 20, 2012

POPQ Quilt Show

I have to post some quilt show photos from my guild, Pride of the Prairie.

These were taken before the ribbons.  I won a ribbon on my Spring Fling quilt and several others I quilted.  So exciting!  Some really good scrap quilt too.  Take a look:
 Great for 30's scraps.

 Holly, 10 years old, made the quit above!  She calls it Zebralicious.  Holly chose the fabrics and did all the the piecing.  Mom, Denise Clayton, did the quilting.  And it is the same mom who won Viewer's Choice.  See this post:  http://simplydivinequilts.blogspot.com/2012/03/ribbon-winner.html   She's in my bee and we are so proud of Mom and daughter!
 Great for 30's scraps.

There are so many, I'm going to put them in a slide show.  Much simpler! 

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