Thursday, March 22, 2012

Challenge Quilts

The theme of Salt Creek Quilters challenge quilts this year was Childhood Rhymes.  They needed to created a quilt that depicted a childhood rhyme and incorporate a piece of the challenge fabric.  Here are a few pictures.  Most were difficult to decipher.   

This one got best use of challenge fabric.  They used it on the broom.
 This was was so pretty.  And you could actually hang it somewhere in your house and no one would know it was a challenge quilt.
 They used the challenge fabric for the tree leaves.  The words are fussy-cut.  Time consuming!
 The maker of this quilt embroidered the words to her rhyme around the quilt.  I like the little stars she added instead of the traditional blocks. 

 The quilt below one won a ribbon for Most Creative use of Diamond.  Where the heck is the diamond or diamond shape?  I can't find it!

 This one looks like someone I know! 

 Can you guess this rhyme?  She sells sea shells...  The maker used a panel and it looked cute.

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