Friday, October 19, 2012

Fat Quarters, Charm Packs, Layer Cakes

I've been looking through my fabric and noticed that I have quite a few Fat Quarters.  I've been buying some charm packs too.  They are so cute!  At the time of purchase, I didn't have a pattern in mind.  However, I've now read that I need two charm packs for most patterns.  There are lots of great patterns in this book for 5" charms and 10" layer cakes. 
TWO charm packs make a 36 x 36 quilt (approximate size).  I didn't know that.  Of course I can add from my stash to make it work.

Here is another chart for Fat Quarters that is helpful from Harvest House Quilting.
What can I get from a Fat Quarter?
Approx. 18" X 22"

   99   2 " squares
   50   2 1/2" squares
   42   3" squares
   30   3 1/2" squares
   20   4" squares
   16   4 1/2" squares
   12   5" OR 5 1/2" squares
   9   6" squares
   6   6 1/2" squares

I'm itching to start a project with these charm packs and fat quarters.  I'm ready to make something!   

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