Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quilts Quilts Quilts

Here are a couple more customer quilts I've been working on...
Janice P. made this with strips!  It looks complicated but she says it isn't!  I quilted a flower pattern.

T-Shirt Quilt by Linda C.   I really like this setting from the book: You Did What With My T-Shirts?  Linda added more patches on the corner stones.  I liked it so much, I used the same setting for my niece's t-shirt quilt.   
 I quilted it with wandering
My neice Rachael's T-Shirt Quilt:
Sue S. made this lovely block sampler quilt.  All the blocks are so pretty - have to find out where she got this pattern.  Very floral and feminine.  Quilted with feathers - edge to edge.  

And I finally finished a mini-quilt so I can use my new mini quilt hanger. 

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