Monday, June 4, 2012

Medallion Star Sampler

This quilt was pieced by Janet K's mother.  I need to get her name because she was a very good piecer and very prolific.  These quilts are being quilted and finished in her memory.  I wish I could have met her.  She was not afraid of difficult blocks and Y-seams!  She made a feathered star for the center.  The surrounding blocks are all star sampler blocks, and not easy ones either.  She choose a few coordinating colors from a floral focus fabric, which she used in the border.

I followed the floral theme and quilted large flowers peaking out from each corner of the medallion center.
Feathers were quilted in the dark pink sashing.
 Small flowers were quilted in the triangle areas.  I did a small stipple in the white background areas that were smaller to make the stars pop.  I didn't quilt over the stars, only some stitch in the ditch, to keep them flat and help define the piecing.
I had planned to quilt a complicated floral design in the border and realized I wouldn't be able to see it.  So I quilted a piano key border (straight lines).  No photo, but it finished it off nicely.  

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