Monday, February 13, 2012

Delectable Pathways

It took 2 years for Eileen Dierck to piece and applique all the flowers and vines plus add hand embroidery on this quilt top.  The pattern is called Delectable Pathways.  She knew she wanted straight lines for the quilting, as shown on the pattern photo.  The quilt was made for her daughter.  Eileen had the quilt finished and then her daughter asked that it be made larger so that it would have a longer drop.  Eileen added the outer border and more applique leaves and hand embroidery to complete the look.  The result is one stunning quilt.  Take a look....
Some close ups of the applique.
 She added the extra outer border and the applique on the corner.
Quilting lines were carried out onto the outer border.
  Lines continued onto the border.
I hope her daughter likes it!


Tracy Mooney said...

The Quilting makes it - straight lines was the way to go!

Anonymous said...

I have just come across your beautiful quilt on Pinterest. It is so beautiful. I love hand quilting and have done many Appliqué quilts, but I like saving ones like yours for inspiration. We like visiting USA especially your great fabric shops! Best wishes, Michele (Rosemaryrabbitquilts)