Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Jane

My good friend, Sue Schwegler, pieced this Dear Jane over several years.  She said some of the piecing challenged her.  Over time, her quilting skills and techniques improved while putting it together.  What a great accomplishment!  Here are a couple photos to wet your appetite!

The idea was to keep the quilting simple, to accent the intricate piecing.  I SID inside every block and around all the piecing.  Each block was then quilted with a line or arc.  A straight line was quilted in the tiny sashing.
Some of the piecing is SO tiny!  It was really interesting to see all the different civil war reproduction fabrics and try to figure out how the blocks were put together.  She used many techniques - including applique and paper piecing.

 Triangle border.
Edges and Corners.  The edges were quilted with a shallow swag - it will be a scalloped edge.
A view from the back.  This quilt is large, 90 x 90, and heavy.
The solid backing shows all the quilting and SID that you may not see from the front. 

Dear Sue - When you get tired of looking at this one, send it back.  I'll be happy to visit it again. 


jan walsh said...

Great quilting job Julie, you chose just the right style to enhance this quilt. Amazing job.

Valerie said...

I love it! Congratulations to Sue! She did a amazing job! And the quilting is wonderful!

gia gia said...

brilliant work !!! i hope to be hand quilting mine by christmas!

LynCC said...

You did such a marvelous quilting job on this Jane quilt. Just gorgeous! I'm coming into the home stretch on one that I'm piecing, and have been so undecided about how I want to quilt it (or have it done).

LynCC said...

Wow!!! Your quilting on this Jane quilt is fabulous. I'm almost finished assembling mine and contemplating its quilting and found you thru a Dear Jane surf session. Do you by chance remember the type of batting you used on this job? I'm super impressed with the look of your work. :D And now I"m off to surf some more of your blog. ;D

Saskia Smit said...

Just wow. What a masterquiltingpiece is this!