Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Block One

I really want to hand applique.  I love quilts with applique on them - in the borders, a touch of applique in blocks or those baltimore albums.  I joined a block of the month club for needle-turn applique.  I thought by the time I'm finished with the last block, I'll be so much better and will have really learned a lot about this method.  I can only get better - right?  I worked diligently on block one.  It looks..... okay, and I expected it to be a little wobbly.  Block one is still unfinished and then I get block two in the mail.  Then block three - panic sets in - I'm not even finished with block one yet!  Then I started to feel anxious and frustrated every time I picked up block one.  When I worked on it - it became a job I had to finish!  I wasn't enjoying the process.  I dreaded getting the next block in the mail!  I don't want this to become another project I won't finish - oh no!  I tried and I tried, but I just cannot learn to love it.  What's wrong with me? 

Why can't I get the hang of hand applique too?  I have books on different methods.  I took a class on hand applique (David Taylor) - and that project is unfinished too.

So here's the update.  I have stopped the BOM club.  It was a great relief.  I put away block one and all the others.  Maybe I can try it again after a while.  I need a break.

I still like hand projects.  But simpler, like hand embroidery or knitting dish rags.

I'll let you know when I pick up block one again.  

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