Friday, May 20, 2011

Vintage Linen Quilts with Cindy Needham

Cindy Needham was our guest lecturer at guild last night.  These beautiful quilts are made from vintage linens.  WOW.   The photos are mostly close-up shots, I didn't get the whole quilt.  I wish I had a dime to lay down on each quilt so you can get the perspective of how tiny the quilting really is.  You must see these up close to really appreciate the workmanship!
 She often adds tiny tiny tiny beads to her work.  A lot of the linens are damaged, have holes or some spots, but you can't tell!  The quilting stabilizes it.   Or she adds other lace to plug up the holes.

 If the linen has cut-work (lacy), she adds a fabric behind the linen, then batting and backing.  There are four layers in all.  She does all the quilting on a Juki straight stitch sewing machine.  She uses more than one lace or linen in a piece, if there is a hole that need to be "plugged up".  The medallion in the center (pictured below) is a separate piece.

 Tiny feathers and micro stippling.

 Cindy Needham's website is

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