Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year Resolutions

Hope you are ready for the New Year!  I am making resolutions by the handful and one of them is to be healthier in 2011.  I joined a health club and I'm working to make exercise a healthy habit.
I also joined, an on-line website that helps me track my nutrition, fitness and other goals.  I love the menu plans and calorie tracker.  It's free - so check it out.

I did not quilt or piece anything over the Christmas holiday.  I took a break from all sewing and quilting activities.  But it's back to work now.  I am quilting a customer quilt right now - a "Cinco De Mayo" quilt (Karen Stone pattern) and I'll share pictures when it's done.  It's very time consuming.

Hope you are all quilting and sewing to your heart's content!   

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Barb said...

Just love Lucy....what a great picture....and yep...that is what I should be doing for sure.