Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Quilting

Here is a circular Christmas tree skirt.  Customer, Marge M. made this with the wedge ruler.
I saw more hexagons in December...this one was hand-pieced by JoAnne L.  I quilted small arcs around each side of each hexagon and put a star in the very center.  The little black diamonds are quilted too, but you can't see the quilting.

 I am finally piecing something.  This is a patriotic log cabin block.  I saw a quilt with similar blocks at a quilt show a couple years ago and always wanted to make one.  This is my sample block - before cutting and piecing the rest of the blocks.  It is 6" finished and will be made into a table runner... one day.  My first log cabin block ever! 
That's it for now.  I have a new camera and learning how to use it.  I still take blurry pictures.  It's operator error, not the camera.  I need steady hands.  Or a tripod.

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quiltlover said...

those pincushions are so cute!