Monday, November 8, 2010

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

  Double Wedding Ring Quilt.  (DWR).  This was pieced by Sue C. for her daughter's wedding.  It took a long time to quilt because of it's size and because it has four different thread colors.  Each block was stitched-in-the-ditch (SID).   

She fussy-cut all the corner stones (circular tie-dye pattern).
 A tear-drop design in silver/gray thread in the center of each DWR.
 These are the "melon" shapes on each side.    I quilted arcs in the purple melon with matching purple colored thread, the blue melon in blue thread.


pirate said...

I *LOVE* your DWR. Your arrangement of colors in the arcs from dark to light from the center out causes the quilt to have a 'glow' at the intersections.

It is simply a wonderfully superb example of how color placement can elevate a quilt from 'lovely' to *FANTASTIC!*.

This will surely be an heirloom. :-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful colours.

sharpie said...

The colors on this absolutely glow! Fantastic!