Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Here are some quilts that I've quilted over the past several weeks....

This is a beautiful hand-pieced grandmother's flower garden.  I would have loved to custom quilt this, but customer wanted an all-over.  It was a baby gift!!!  Hopefully they hung it up in the baby's room.

 This customer, Cathy, bought two kits from Connecting Threads.  (Blue Quilt and Star Quilt)  The fabric was very good quality and she had plenty of fabric to complete her quilt.  These turned out cute.

 This quilt was made by Dale F.  She is a newer quilter and was taught by a friend in California.  She has never taken a class - and look at her 60-degree triangles!  She makes these with a plain back so you can really see the all-over pattern. 
 Daisy Pattern
 This quilt was made by Judy T for her mother.  A tulip quilt with panel in the center.  She saw it in a magazine.  It turned out so nice.
 A white backing shows off the quilting. 
 This is the back of the panel.
 I outlined the flowers in the panel. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I made the tulip panel quilt years ago and can't find the magazine I got the pattern from. Do you remember? Carolyn