Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eyeglasses 101

Getting old is the pits.  I had to get some glasses (not contacts - just glasses).  So yesterday, I bit the bullet and went to one of those retail stores that sell designer frames, you know, glasses.

Well, after filling out all the forms and a FAST - express like fast - eye exam.  I was ready to begin!

I walked into the sea of frames displayed on the three huge walls before me and an hour later...I tried on a lot of frames...the fun begins!

I needed bifocals ... they call them "multifocal lenses".  Extra
I needed no-line, I'm too young to look old they said... they call them "progressive lenses".  Extra
They suggested thinner lenses...they call them "verithin".  Extra
I asked for non-glare...they call it "never glare advantage".  Extra

When they start to have their own languare, my red flag goes up.  Be very very careful.


What happened to the 2 pair offer for $69 with free eye exam???
Those are for single-vision, coke bottle lenses with the "nutty professor" frames.  Oh, I didn't know.

Bifocals, no multifocal lenses with no lines are $192 A PAIR.  Non-glare add $35.  Exam fee $45 - they wavied it, oh goodie for me!  So I paid for my designer frames with "Polycarbonate lenses", which means plastic lenses, and a one year warranty for $306.  Pick up in 5 to 7 days.  Oh boy, I can't wait!

By the time I drove home, I felt I'd been had, roped, duped, conned!  I called my optomestrist of 20 years who takes care of my contacts.  He has a small office with a very small selection of frames, but a whopper of an exam fee; that's why I went to the retail eyeglass store.  I spoke to one of the technicians and she tried to give me an "apples to apples" price comparison.  The same lenses would have been around $300 plus my exam fee and the frames.  So she said it sounded like I got a good deal.

I still don't think so.  I am hoping the "Progressive", no-line lenses work for me.   Some people have a hard time getting adjusted to wearing them.  We'll see....I hope.


G'ma Kay said...


Shasta said...

Isn't it amazing how those tiny things can cost so much? Those deals are definitely bait and switch, and it is hard to shop around.

Ryan Ninea said...

Hi, I am an optician and I am out of work doing some research about a company I have an interview with. I googled "never glare advantage" because I heard they sell it and have never worked with it before, your blog was one of the first results I got. I read your post and just wanted to let you know polycarbonate does not mean plastic. Polycarbonate is thinner, and lighter than plastic. More importantly it is impact resistant which makes it much safer than CR-39 lenses, which what traditional "plastic" eyeglass lenses are made of. I hope this makes you feel a little better about your purchase. And honestly 309 for a progressive (no-line bifocal) with AR is not bad at all.
Also Multi-focal lenses just mean they function at multiple focal lengths, like for distance and reading (tradition bi-focal with a line) or distance, arms's length - like a computer scree- and reading (lined tri-focal) Progressive lenses have many different focal lengths starting at the center of your pupil to the bottom of your lens. I am sorry if this unsolicted info is unwelcome, but I hope it helps you with your next eyewear purchase.

pitdoug1998 said...

Late to the party I suppose.....

Ryan you nailed it. Poly-carb lenses are great ESPECIALLY for sport lenses and many schools REQUIRE them for kids. Easy to drill and super thin with most standard RX's.

I also noticed the "I felt like I'd been had....."comment. I wonder what someone 'thinks' being able o see clearly again after their eyes start to fail them should be worth? $50, $100? I can only imagine ma'am where you fall into poliically speaking. How is it that Americans have become so delusional that 'think' something so valuble and so expensive should be free. And if not free for everyone at least for them and that 'rich' doctors should give away their skill and expertise.

Someone goes in having trouble seeing road signs and reading and come out seeing like a child again and then bitches about "Total....$306".......

We're doomed as a free people and a republic.

Anonymous said...

pitdoug1998 So very true. I work at a Private practice and if I used the name of one of the Crizal lenses I am sure she would question that.
If you are not educated in Optics don't write a blog you sound like an idiot.