Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Half Square Trianges

I've been making Half Square Triangle (HST) for pinwheels. Here's the quickest way to make 8 HST.  From Debbie Caffrey's Power Cutting book.

How do you know what size to cut?  
Finished size HST plus 7/8's (.875) x 2 = size of square.  
Start with 2 squares.  Put the fabrics right-sides-together.

Make 2 cuts - half way across and half way down PLUS make 2 cuts diagonally.

Sew longest side of triangles. 
Chain sew and don't cut apart. 
Bring to the ironing board and press to dark side.
I set my iron on one while I open the next.


Now that they are all done, clip between each one.

Ready for a quick trim.

Start sewing the HST together.  Chain sew and iron the same way. 
Next, sew the two halves together and you have yourself a pinwheel!

Four HST make a pinwheel.

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