Thursday, September 24, 2009

Faithful Circle Quilt Show

I went to a local quilt show last weekend put on by the Faithful Circle Quilt Guild. These ladies do a lot of hand-applique and hand quilting. Here are a couple quilts that I really liked.
This one is a wedding quilt - hand and machine pieced, hand quilted by Mary Kuettler. Beautiful!
Lady of the lake blocks with a wonderful appique border. Proverb 31:10 at the top and words around the quilt. The appliqued words turned out great!

Baltimore bunnies - how can you not love it?
This one really caught my eye. It's made with flannels and the blocks are set on point. The name of the pattern was not mentioned.
Such a simple block - a couple HST and a square in the middle!
Great color combo - machine pieced.
This black one is made from simple, colorful squares with a bit of black appliequed over each block. Striking!

Scrappy quilts. The one with the tiny pieced blocks won Best of Show.

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Suzie said...

Gorgeous quilts!!!The first one with nine-patches is amazing! Is it sewn by hand?