Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Round Robin

Have you ever participated in a Round Robin? Each person starts by creating their own center block. The blocks are then passed to participating bee members and they add a "round" to it. After all the members have put a round on all the blocks, it is returned to the original center block owner. Each member now has a beautiful quilt top made by all the members of their bee. What a wonder keepsake!

Last year, the Wanna Bee's talked about starting a Round Robin (RR) and we came up with some simple guidelines. Basically No Rules - and be creative. We can add one-two-three or four sides to the block. We officially started in January 2009 with the exchange of our blocks. Each person took one home and we had until our next bee meeting (one month) to add to it. The blocks are so different. It is the most creative, challenging project I have ever done.

The picture I posted is my center block. It was a hand-applique project that never went any further. I can't wait to see the end result. We are shooting for all the rounds to be completed by January 2010 and we'll have a reveal party!

Last night I started another RR with the Quarter-Inch Queen Bees. We are giving ourselves two month for each "round". I'll post a picture of my center block here once I get it off my camera.

I can't post any RR updates in case my bee members read this blog! We are taking pictures of every round so I hope to be able to post those pictures when we are done. You'll be able to see the transformation of a simple center block into a beautiful quilt top!

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